Post-Hump Day Post: Giving Thanks for Never Giving You Up

This week, we gave thanks for . . .

Part of our Thanksgiving spread: macarons with pumpkin-spice butter creme

> eating pumpkin spice macarons! This is the recipe that we used (but reduce the sugar to less than 300 g! It’s too sweet for my liking.) The Girl figured out her own pumpkin-spice-butter-creme icing recipe.
> not being able to stop watching the Pantsuit Power flash mob. Why is it that we can’t possible imagine any Trump supporters being this happy, dance-y, or fun? So of course, this led to . . .
not being able to stop listening to one of the big hits of this past summer. The Kids have loved this for the past few months, and even though I’m reminded of summer nights in the 80s, I have a love-hate relationship with the aching repetition of it. Speaking of hits of the 80s . . .
> learning that Rick Astley is touring again! Unfortunately, we just missed him when he was in town this weekend on his one and only Canadian stop. Here’s a review (with a great title) of another show on this tour. But don’t worry—he never gave up, and we can now all go out and get his new album to mark his 50th birthday. 50! Time flies . . .
> the funniest thing on the radio/tv, which was this age-old debate on buttons vs. zippers (skip to 14:00 if you’re not interested in Superman). Here, we get one of Steve’s best line: “And they said we would run out of topics by season 10. Wrong! We ran out in season 7.”
> little tricks for making the cracks on our glass surfaces disappear. The Husband had found out somewhere on-line (perhaps here) that this could work on eyeglasses. Though he was skeptical, we found that this really worked! I’m loving my restored watch crystals.
finding this great web site (thanks to an interview on CBC’s The Current) that contributes to the repair-it-yourself movement. While you’re at it, print this poster to keep in your workshop/home/store/general repair space.
> Also, if you haven’t been to a Repair Café session yet, find one asap at a library or community centre near you and thank them! They really do good, and next week is International Repair Café Week.


A post-“Hump Day” round-up

Yay! We all made it past Hump Day, and it was an especially remarkable week, with many kids going back to school on Tuesday. Who doesn’t like the feeling of rounding the bend and sliding into the weekend? So after Wednesdays, I’m going to start posting a short round-up of various things. Just something to keep an eye out for,

This past week (or couple of weeks). . .

> We played water balloon tennis. (No link required, as it’s pretty self-explanatory: Fill water balloons. Whack with old tennis racquet.)
> We laughed at this cat watching a horror film. The eyes, the eyes! (Thanks to the MIL!)
> We ate from this recipe over about three days. So good, and it really does taste remarkably-KFC-like!
> We couldn’t stop watching episodes of Lip Sync Battle, like this great moment here.
> We couldn’t stop listening/singing to Adele’s great album. (No, not “25”.) Young and old, we were totally carpool-karaoke-ing this one out loud last week.
> Our current word/phrase (thanks to The Boy mysteriously choosing to revive an 80s slang term) is “That’s dope!”
> Funniest thing we heard on the radio (even if it was a re-broadcast): “I also have a large vocabulary, which is both big and good.”
We learned how to open and do simple repairs on our own watch, especially those seemingly difficult backs. So much money and time saved, and so satisfying!
> Our DIY project was this homemade, natural spray deodorant. Have tried several of the solid recipes, but the spray was the hands-down winner during this hot summer. My only modifications: added 1/4 tsp. of rubbing alcohol, and used a mix of lemon and orange essential oils instead of clary sage.
> I wanted to make these fantastic-looking stress balls (just skip the long moments of stirring).
> And finally, we found this great web site for rocking new moms.

Sing-out-loud song: “Walking On a Dream”, Empire of the Sun

This song has really caught my attention, and the kids and I have been listening to it on and off over the past few days. Okay, maybe they’re just amused by the weird video.

The movie where I first encountered this wasn’t considered Oscar-fare or anything, but at least it had a pretty good soundtrack.

“Walking On a Dream”, Empire of the Sun

(The year’s?) Sing-out-loud song: “Give Me Everything”

The end-of-the-year song lists have come out, and I think I agreed with the one that has Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” at the top.

It wasn’t profound. It wasn’t moving. It was just plain fun to listen to, sing out loud, and made you want to dance whenever it came on the car radio. Sometimes that’s all a song needs to do.


Today’s sing-out-loud song: “You Might Think”

This is the type of song that, when it comes on the radio, you can’t help but sing gleefully, and then your kids ask you all kinds of questions about it and why you’re singing it. The type of song that, when you mention the words, “The Cars”, three adults in the room immediately say, “Oh, ‘You Might Think’! I looove that song!” The type of song that immediately takes you back to 1984, when your older brother was the only one in the house who had a ghetto blaster, and this was on the first tape that he bought, and you all fought over who got to press “play”.
The type of song that is still considered fun and cool enough (or at least has enough of a tie-in to a Disney movie) for Weezer to have done a (substantially inferior) cover in 2011.
Here it is then, “You Might Think”, by The Cars


Today’s Sing-Out-Loud Song: “King of Wishful Thinking”

In a fun little activity today, I was thinking of the year 1990, and of the music of that year. For some reason, I feel that this song by Go West deserves a special mention.

Why? Not because it was by any means the best song of the year, even if it was a catchy little tune back then. But watching this hilarious video now makes me wonder why I don’t remember much of this great video, back in ’90. Things that make this video great? The randomness and meaningless chaos of the video itself, the lead singer’s enthusiastic dancing, and of course, the wardrobe! I mean, somewhere out there was a stylist who deliberately meant to put together on the same page: shoulder pads; spandex bike shorts; men’s tank tops (known by another name); sideways baseball cap; and a guy who didn’t realise (or care) how tight his jeans were? Pure gold.

This is one video I won’t “get over” quickly.


Today’s sing-out-loud song: “Flower”

Just saw this singer on Conan the other day, and had to look him up. This is a really nice little tune that stuck in my mind. Although the lyrics are rather simplistic, the music is lovely.

Others in the family are interested too: the kids (okay, one kid in particular) just get a kick out of his name, because on their own, they realised right away that it rhymes with a body part. You know how five-year-olds are.

Flower”, Amos Lee