I am the mother of two kids, a wife, a writer, a business-owner—a dabbler in a little bit of everything. I currently live in the Toronto area in Canada, but who knows where life will take me?

I created this blog as a way of letting some of my friends, as well as acquaintances who know me through my business, get to know me better. It was originally also a way of exercising my creative and literary mind after a long break. I mix writing about my personal and professional life, all into one.

Besides the usual ramblings, some of this blog’s features (which are not updated daily) are:
– 1001 Great Moments in Parenting: exactly what it sounds like, detailing moments with two great kids
– We Made It!: a description of a DIY project that I did myself and/or with the kids
– Today’s Sing-Out-Loud Song: random selections of songs that I’d heard recently, or which pop into my head and won’t pop out

If you want to get in touch with me, please use the contact form below, or personal friends can e-mail me through any of the addresses that you have on file for me.

Thanks for reading!