Post-Hump Day post: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Things we were doing this week (none of which involved watching anybody/anything royal):

> We played our Movie/TV Title Mash-up Game.
1-orange-skittle> We laughed at this great response to the Skittles controversy –>. A week too late, or perhaps never a wrong time for it.
> We ate oatcakes, oatcakes, and more oatcakes! We included the five recipes that we found on-line, with our reviews.
> We couldn’t stop listening to and thinking about this report that loneliness among seniors is a health epidemic, more dangerous than obesity.
> Our current word/phrase: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! (Try saying it petulantly like a 4-year-old, kind of like with your fingers plugged into your ears. Or maybe that’s an insult to 4-year-olds.)
> We learned that students in the U.S. are constitutionally-protected if they choose to not stand for the national anthem. The Girl says there is at least one student in her class who doesn’t stand for the Canadian anthem. No one harasses her. Why is American patriotism so strong that it wants to trample on individual rights?
> We made Hollandaise sauce. Egg yolks leads to egg whites, leads to macarons. Summary of our macaron efforts next week.
> And on the topic of loneliness, we found this great article on the topic of female friendships, by the awesome Ann Friedman, and a review of a friendship app that we’ll be interested to see when it comes to Android. (Apparently, there’s also Tea with Strangers, which is not gender-specific.)