#822: Playing games; #movietvmashup

Sometimes car rides are long. The Girl says that one of these is her most relaxing times of the week, when she can sit back and “contemplate”. To fill the time, we also like to play games. This is one that the kids and I have played on and off over the years: Movie/TV Title Mash-Up.

fault-in-our-star-warsObjective: Find two movie or tv titles that have been put together, with one word in common (or one very similar word) linking them, based on the clue of the modified plot line.
Two teens with cancer try to fight an evil empire
The Fault in Our Star Wars

The following are ones that the whole family contributed to, over the past couple of days. Scroll down past #20 for the answers.

1) Zombies try to comfort a prisoner on death row
2) The saviour of the world boldly goes where no man has gone before
3) On the outside, he’s a monster; on the inside, he’s just another man suffering a mid-life crisis
4) 70s sitcom about a racist blue-collar man and his clan, trying to find the top 10 answers on the board
5) An older man falls in love with a younger woman in a foreign country, while fighting dinosaurs and aliens
6) Young female fowl tries to return money that her boyfriend owes to gangsters
7) Sick people try to escape a theme park full of dinosaurs and zombies
8) Three escaped prisoners solve crimes in a tropical U.S. state
9) A group of clones make an undercover documentary investigating animal cruelty in aquariums
10) Two male models buy an animal sanctuary / Matt Damon stars in this sweet comedy about buying a male model
11) A woman with Alzheimer’s falls down the rabbit hole
12) A hacker enters his robot in a battle arena
13) Two guys and a kid join a top secret government sector to fight aliens
14) A time traveller investigates the murder of an animated bunny
15) A whistleblower tries to save the world from Nazi Zombies
16) A top-secret government sector fights aliens while also fighting each other for the top spot in the ballet company
17) A personal security officer and his band of misfits (including a rodent and a botanical specimen) fight to save the universe

Extra-challenging ones (which don’t follow the rules of the game exactly, but you’ll get it when you see the answers):
18) A dysfunctional animated family joins a biker gang
19) An explorer lost in the woods becomes a small superhero
20) A documentary about a frightening clown rehearsing for his last concert tour

. . .

1) The Walking Dead Man Walking
2) Jesus Christ Superstar Trek
3) American Beauty and the Beast
4) All in the Family Feud
5) Land of the Lost in Translation
6) Chicken Run Lola Run
7) Jurassic World War Z
8) Hawaii Five-O Brother Where Art Thou?
9) Orphan Blackfish
10) We Bought a Zoolander
11) Still Alice in Wonderland
12) Mr. Robot Wars
13) Two and a Half Men in Black
14) Dr. Who Killed Roger Rabbit?
15) Dead Snowden
16) Men in Black Swan
17) The BodyGuardians of the Galaxy

18) The SimpSons of Anarchy
19) The RevenAnt Man
20) This is It