Post-Hump Day post: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chickpeas)

beanbag-toss-animal-board-gameThis past week . . .

> We played on our homemade beanbag toss board. This was originally made for Christmas 2004, and it has been a fun family project this summer, as we re-painted and restored it after damaged in a musty and mouldy basement.
> We listened to Michelle Obama’s impersonation, and her discussion of final days at the White House. (skip to 4:50).
> We ate KFC: Kentucky Fried Chickpeas! A couple of weeks ago, we (successfully) recreated the colonel’s famous fried chicken using his leaked secret spice mix. This week, for something different, we took the same spice mix and applied it to chickpeas, then roasted them in the oven. Minus the flour, and it’s mmm . . . KFChickpeas!
> We couldn’t stop watching (catch-up) of season 1 of Better Call SaulSome in our household even say it’s better than Breaking Bad. Don’t know why we weren’t into it originally as it was being broadcase, but we’re slowly catching up to season 3 . . .
> Our current word/phrase: “Chinjury”. There was an injury in the household. It involved the chin and surrounding tissue and skin. It was, according to the Girl, “weird . . . and gross”. The Boy portmanteau-ed it into “chinjury”.
> Funniest thing we heard on the radio/tv: paraphrased from a morning radio host’s chatter (but I can’t remember which one): “Since his dad has hair like cotton candy, and tells Whoppers of lies, it’s no wonder Donald Trump Jr. has candy on his mind” re the Skittles Twitter controversy.
We learned how something like Lacroix sparkling water becomes a trend (not as big yet in Canada).
> We made
> And finally, we found this great web site, Not Far From the Tree, that connects private growers and pickers. Bookmarked it a year ago, but only started picking this year, with invitations to pear, apple, grape, and nut picks so far. Such a fantastic, simple concept. Wish there was a NFFTT in every city!