Post-Hump Day post: “If I stop moving” . . .

This past week . . .

> We ate vegan pulled pork. The texture was great, but the sauce needs tweaking.
> We couldn’t stop watching cats on Roombas. Yes, cat-on-Roombas is not a new thing, but that stuff never gets old!
> We learned how to use Bondo body filler. Fascinating stuff.
wool-dryer-balls> I want to make these wool dryer balls, now that line-drying season is almost over. I wonder if an old, upcycled 100% merino wool sweater would do just as well as an unravelled sweater?
> We found this great web site/article about friends. A toast especially to friendships that last 20+ years.
> Our funny quote of the week
, courtesy of The Husband, while at a buffet restaurant: “I’m like a shark: If I stop moving, I die.”