Discoveries on the Interwebs that make my life better:

So, I was clicking around the interwebs tonight, really meaning to do one thing, but ending up doing 19 different other things. And I somehow, fortunately, found by Gina Trapani (had never heard of her before today, but she’s a VIP in tech, according to her Wikipedia page). I love the wide range, and yet simplicity, of her topics and blog format. I’m glad especially to read her October 16, 2014 post called “Short-form blogging.” I have to admit, I can count on one hand the number of  blogs that I still follow, and I’ve stopped reading some blogs just because of the sheer length of some posts.

Trying to get back into my blogging habit and not beat up myself too much over not writing as much as I should have over the past couple of years, I realise that Gina’s post spoke to me. So many friends (and family) have asked me when I was going to post again; they missed my writing. Life just got in the way, and I didn’t have time to document it all. But now I realise that it was better to have posted something short than nothing at all. So I’m going to blog more frequently, and not fret too much over the length, photos, minor details, etc. (though I may still go a bit long, from time to time, out of necessity).

Starting off this new abbreviated version of blogging, here’s my contribution for today: a story from the day’s news that made me happy.