#827: Something new, for the New Year

Happy New Year!

It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve, and we’re having some traditional foods to celebrate. Over the years, I pick up what I can, when I can find it, when I can remember to (I have a terrible habit of waiting until, literally, the last day). When I haven’t remembered to buy something, the kids haven’t been able to try it, and over the years, have forgotten what it tastes like. So I always approach it every year thinking, “Have they tasted this yet? Did they like it? Will they like it? (Will I still like it?)”.

This year, I picked up a traditional banh chung, some candied coconut, candied fruits and egg roll cookies (this last one just because we like them, but it’s not especially a new year’s item). I casually put it all on a tray and just let the kids try what they wanted, when they were ready.

Tet foodsMy first pleasant surprise was The Girl (the most, ahem, discriminating eater in our household). She picked up a piece of dried coconut and asked what it was. Then she tasted a (small) piece.

“Oh, I remember this. I like it.” Phew! She liked it. She really did. And later on, she urged another family member to try it, stating, “It’s really good.”

Later, The Boy picked up a round, bright orange, cellophane-wrapped item. “What’s this?” I told him it was a candied kumquat, similar to an orange. Unhesitatingly, he asked me to unwrap it for him. I was busy putting away the day’s newspaper, but about thirty seconds later, I turned to see his scrunched up, puckered face. He declared ever so politely, “I don’t think I’m too fond of kumquats.” 🙂

Well, they tried something new or new-ish to them, and while I can’t win them over all the time, I’m still proud of them for trying and then being polite about it.

It’s a good start to a new year.


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