#832: The weekly chef

Cheesy beef potato pies

The Girl has always been interested in cooking, and always tried to help out, from a young age. We have a good collection of cookbooks, but now, with the help of The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, she’s become an even more remarkable dynamo in the kitchen.

Peeta’s Cinnamon Bakery Bread

With not a lot of help (unless I aid in the chopping, to speed things along), she’s managed to cook up quite a few complicated dishes on her own. Past offerings have included cheesy beef potato pie (at left), the Cinnamon Bakery Bread (below), ginger-carrot-butternut squash soup, buttermilk biscuits, pasta salad, shortbread . . . and the list goes on. Last week’s offering? Moist chicken in basil cream sauce. When I was 10  years old, I managed to re-heat prepared chicken on the stove, keeping it unburned, most of the time.

Now that we have a great little cook offering to make supper once a week, no one goes hungry in this arena.


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