#834: Easy listening

The kids and I have had some interesting discussions about culture this week (as in, who is cultured, who isn’t, and who isn’t enough, in order to qualify as crush-worthy). And part of appreciating culture (and pop culture) is when a child goes out of his comfort zone in order to experience something new and not what is expected of him.

A few weeks ago while we were browsing CDs at our library, the Boy hemmed and hawed and asked if I’d like to borrow a Michael Buble CD.

“I’m not a huge fan,” I replied. “I mean, I could listen to his stuff, but I don’t really want to borrow the CD.”


“Oh. I mean, would you like to borrow a Michael Buble CD?”

“Um, okay. Yes, please.”

Fast-forward to this week. There’s the six-year-old taking his bath with his Michael Buble album, It’s Time, playing in the background. The song “Home” comes on.

“Oh, I like this song,” I say.

“Me too,” he replies. “It’s my favourite Michael Buble song.”

“When do you hear this song?” I challenge.

“I hear it all the time, on the radio. I like it a lot.”

And that’s when I think, When did my six-year-old turn into a 30-year-old, capable of appreciating something a little more mature than Justin Bieber’s music?


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