#836: Adding it all up (Or The Autodidact)

The other day, while patiently waiting for his mom and sister to finish a project/watch a sitcom so that they could accompany him to play a video game, the Boy decided to do something on his own to pass his time. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye with a sheet of paper and a pen, I thought he was up to some of his usual drawing. I did note, and answer absentmindedly, his questions from time to time: “Is 16+16 equal to 32? And 32+32 is 64, right?”


Turns out he was writing out and solving some math equations on his own:

Go figure—when I give him math work to do, he grumbles and is practically in tears. But given a moment of boredom, he’s trying to figure out his own additions, and it looks like maybe trying to figure out pie charts and angles at the same time.


Gotta love a 6-year-old who knows how to self-soothe and self-educate at the same time.


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