#837: Santa’s little helper

While putting away the Christmas decorations at the end of January (yes, we were that  lazy  busy), I’m reminded once again that sometimes parents need a little help from the kids, to preserve a little magic.

Every year since the Girl was about three years old, I’ve hung out a homemade Advent calendar to let her count down the days to Christmas, but without the candy. The 24 pockets are supposed to have little surprises in them, ranging from jokes and riddles, to coupons, to little drawings and love notes. (Okay, there might be three or four candies or chocolates in there, in the space of 24 days.) And for the past few years, I’ve been away for the first few days of December, for work. That meant that I had to do catch-up-Advent-calendar-stuffing around December 5th or 6th. Not this year.

When I mentioned casually to the Boy this year that as usual, I’d have to fill the calendar only when I got back, he replied, “Oh, don’t worry. [Big sister] did it.” Indeed, she had. She had hung up the calendar, done her research and taken her time, and filled the first few pockets with suitable coupons and jokes for the Boy, so he wouldn’t have to wait and be disappointed. Sample: a breakfast in bed coupon, and a riddle: What’s the first thing that Santa’s helpers learn in kindergarten? . . . The elf-phabet.

A regular little do-good elf, she is.


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