#839: The Handmade Christmas Gift, Part 1—Felt Creations

The Boy decided on his own, the week before Christmas, that he was going to either re-gift some of his own treasures, or make gifts with his own hands.

Here then, from left to right, are a boy’s gifts to his family: a “lucky charm man” for his papa; a “pen pad” for his mama*; a “lucky charm cat” for his sister.

Not only were these creations full of beautiful details made by little six-year-old fingers, but they were also wonderfully imaginative, and solved problems that we didn’t know we had. Handmade crafty gifts: a wonderful way to start Christmas morning.

* In his own words: “You put this pad on the floor beside your bed so that in the middle of the night, if you drop your pen when you fall asleep, it will hit the pad and not the floor, and it won’t make a loud noise to wake you up.” Ah, exactly what I thought that thing was.


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