#840: Widening interests

The Boy just turned six years old, and what a wonderful year it has been. Six is a significant number because I always feel that it marks the real jump from “babyhood” to “childhood”. Because let’s face it: when you’re holding your five-year-old, or when you can board the bus or commuter train and the driver says, “5 and under is free”, you still feel like he’s your baby.

One of the big changes we noticed in the Boy this past year—other than his physical growth, of course—is how much he has grown and matured in his tastes and interests. Though he still loves his Hot Wheels, Lego, toy cars, and video games, he’s added some more sensitive diversions and activities to his range of interests. We’ve noticed, for example, what a good and thoughtful drawer he is. This skill, and his interest in fashion, has shown up in his new love for an activity that his sister has enjoyed for a few years: Paper Fashions.

Paper Fashions provides many hours of fun for both girls and boys (and their parents)! You want to know how fun Paper Fashions is? The Boy declared to me, as he concentrated on cutting little pants and shirts and writing titles like “Summer splash” and “Outfit for a fall day”: “I’m really enjoying this. It’s even more fun than video games.” More fun than video games. Yup, he said that.

He certainly has matured this past year.


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