#846: The Foster Parents

Starting a few months ago, and sporadically for a couple of weeks, the kids had been enjoying the company of a little wandering neighbourhood cat, which they named “Christopher Columbus” (because he boldly explored practically every room in the house the first time he was allowed to come in). And though they know that we can’t possibly keep this—or any other—cat right now, due to allergies in the family, they still love him and take care of him as if he were their own.

Other than feeding him and giving him cuddles when he comes in, this is how they show what good caretakers they can be: we woke up one morning to find this little anti-rain shelter that the Boy had rigged up for Columbus:

Though we haven’t seen Columbus in over two weeks and hope that he’s back safe and sound in his permanent home, deep down, the kids still think of him as “our” cat, and are happy knowing that they did the best that they could for him, while he was in their care.


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