#847: High roller

A couple of weeks ago, I was making spring rolls. It’s not something that I do often, but when I do, I roll up my sleeves and make a few dozen at a time, getting them frozen and ready so that we can fry up a few whenever the craving hits us.

Now it certainly wasn’t the first time that I’ve made spring rolls in front of the kids. But this time, something seemed to click. All of a sudden, theBoy was right there at my elbow, asking me questions and commenting: “What are those, Mama? You’re good at that. May I brush on the egg?” And finally, he ventured, “May I roll some, please?” And there he was, perched high on his kitchen stool, rolling them as prettily as you please. He was even enthusiastic enough to persuade his sister to do some (though I got the impression that she wasn’t as keen on the whole thing as he was).

But I’m convinced that the reason he wanted to roll some was simply his appreciation of their beauty; he had followed his initial question of “How do you do that?” with a simple statement, “They’re beautiful.” Almost breathed out in an appreciative whisper, his words made me realise that he had the ability, at this young age, to understand not just the function and nutritional value of foods, but to also see their pure beauty.


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