Today’s Sing-Out-Loud Song: “King of Wishful Thinking”

In a fun little activity today, I was thinking of the year 1990, and of the music of that year. For some reason, I feel that this song by Go West deserves a special mention.

Why? Not because it was by any means the best song of the year, even if it was a catchy little tune back then. But watching this hilarious video now makes me wonder why I don’t remember much of this great video, back in ’90. Things that make this video great? The randomness and meaningless chaos of the video itself, the lead singer’s enthusiastic dancing, and of course, the wardrobe! I mean, somewhere out there was a stylist who deliberately meant to put together on the same page: shoulder pads; spandex bike shorts; men’s tank tops (known by another name); sideways baseball cap; and a guy who didn’t realise (or care) how tight his jeans were? Pure gold.

This is one video I won’t “get over” quickly.



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