#851: Her Stick-to-it-ive-ness

On her ninth birthday, I bought for the Girl a book called 101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring. We thought it was a great little joke, since as we kidded, once she hit the double digits, it would be all downhill and life would pass her before she knew it. We read through it from time to time, and I tell her, “Of course, you’re not expected to accomplish all of it.” But she’s goal-oriented, my girl.

So we’re slowly chipping away at things, some together, some on her own. Tonight’s task: #59 – Camp out in the back garden.

Now, 30-mumble-mumble years I’ve been able to get through, without fully camping out and sleeping in a tent (because a few hours in a kiddie tent doesn’t really count.) I could go with or without it; I’m of either mind, but I certainly wouldn’t say that it’s on my do-before-I-die list. So when she had first mentioned it, I had just absentmindedly said, “Oh sure. That sounds great. We should do that. Absolutely”, while not putting any serious thought into it. But the Girl has been pushing us for several weeks now to get it done.

And her enthusiasm is contagious, I have to admit. We three besides her, have been kind of ho-hum about the event all day. But you know, by the time supper rolled around, we were pretty excited. And now, I’m so glad that we did it, because I have to admit, there’s something to this whole camping thing after all. Who knows, it might even become a—dare I say it?—regular family tradition.

All in all, I’m glad that she doesn’t let others’ grumpiness and lack of enthusiasm, waylay her from getting things done. I’ve no doubt that she’ll hit all 101 things before she’s old and boring.


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