#853: The under-6 crowd, Part 2—The 2-day-old

To continue with the tale of children in restaurants:

This moment of quiet happiness and pride, I have to admit, owed more to the wonders of the sling than to the child himself. Because let’s be honest: Most newborns who are but two days old can pretty much sleep and behave like perfect angels in any restaurant.

Still, there we were, noshing happily on brunch at the resto, while baby Boy slept peacefully in mama’s sling and never once put up the type of fuss that would normally get someone of the under-six variety kicked out of eating establishments. Sure, we received a few comments of “Well, shouldn’t he be at home? And you shouldn’t be out!” from (I suppose) well-meaning strangers. But the answer always was, “Well, we thought it would be good for parents and children to enjoy a nice meal out. We didn’t want to be forced to stay home.”

It’s a good answer that hasn’t changed since.


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