#863: Another “Perfect” arts and crafts class

In this household, equality is important. So to make sure that the papa get the same treatment as the mama, the kids had another arts and crafts session this month. In the same vein as the “Marvelous Mamas” classes last month, the “Perfect Papas” classes celebrated the dad with a number of fun arts and crafts projects and gifts.

This was all the Girl’s doing, and it couldn’t have been planned and executed more perfectly. I did nothing except sign the registration form, and by Father’s Day, the rewards were lovely cards, a popsicle-stick photo frame, a poem entitled “5 Reasons Why I Love My Father”, and some rockets-and-planets crafts.

Tuesday and Thursday were “Bring a Friend” days, which the Boy and his five-year-old friend seemed to greatly enjoy together. The ultimate compliment to the Girl? When the friend’s mother said to the Boy, of his sister, “You don’t know how lucky you are.” ITA.


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