#864: The gentle salesperson, Part 1–Success for the right reasons

The Girl wanted to sell things at a neighbourhood sale last week. Her offerings of handmade hairclips, cookie pops, and Lemonade-sicles were part of her fundraising efforts for the local humane society. The only minor problem was, she’s too nice of a salesperson.

Here’s the first sign of someone who’s too nice to be selling:

1) She doesn’t want to be successful for the wrong reasons.

The “wrong reasons” include customers buying her products/service because she’s “cute” or because she’s “just a kid”. As the Girl told us a few days before her sale, “I want people to buy from me because they like what I’m selling; I don’t want people to buy from me just because they know me, or because they think it’s so ‘cute’ what I’m doing. Just like on America’s Got Talent: I wish people would vote for a performer because they’re a great singer or dancer, not just because they’re such a cute kid.”

We tried to explain to her that as she goes through life, people will buy from her for any number of reasons—some of which she may not like. I think she was finally convinced that sometimes it’s okay to be raising money for the little kittens even when people don’t really need another cookie or hairclip.

A salesperson who wants her customers to be sold on her merit and the quality of the goods. Not a success in the traditional sense, but one anyway.


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