#866: Understanding gender issues, Part 3—Naming preferences

Our efforts to beautify the front of the house have been slightly hampered this year for the first time by something wonderful: the appearance of a mourning dove and her eggs in one of our hanging baskets. In truth, this is the second mourning dove that has made her home in that spot; the first family of mama, two hatchlings, and papa sometimes strutting somewhere nearby, left a month ago. But they must have let the word out about what a great nesting area this was, because the second mourning dove moved in within a couple of weeks.

Anyhoo, the point is, the kids have really enjoyed seeing this mama bird sitting on her two little eggs for quite some time now, and both kids seem to have developed their maternal instincts in some way. They come out to say good morning to Molly (don’t know where the name came from, but there it is), note if if she’s rotation and warming her eggs nicely, and are eager in an anxious-parents way to see the hatchlings.

Seeing their motherly concern and care, I asked them what they would name the baby birds.

The Girl’s reply: “Miranda and Mandy.” (Hmm, pretty, feminine, and a nice bit of alliteration with the mama bird’s name.)

The Boy’s reply in response to his sister’s choices: “No! Megatron and Starscream!” (Masculine enough to allow him to balance out some of his maternal feelings.)

He can be tender, affectionate, and motherly, but sometimes his boys-will-be-boys instincts make me smile.


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