#872: Crafty little guy, Part 2–Bead it!

From the “Marvellous Mamas” experience, the Boy learned, among other things, how to bead properly. And by “properly”, I mean from something other than the I-shall-grab-every-single-thing-I-can-find-to-make-the-most-rainbow–like-creation-you’ve-ever-seen school of beading.

So he made this. And he spent almost two hours doing it one night, sitting there and perfecting the pattern, moving and replacing beads, and exercising his newfound sense of colour-control. Now, it just seems a given that the Girl will make a wonderful beaded creation. It may not be fair to say, but after all, as a girl, she’s always shown patience and creativity. But we’re talking about the Boy here. Two hours. Five years old.

He asked me to wear this set on Mother’s Day, and I did, all day. Proudly.


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