#873: Arts and Crafts class

(I’m baaack.Vacation was too nice of a high to come off. Elections were too depressing to make me want to write too much. But now, I’m back to my semi-regular blogging schedule. So here we go again . . .)

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, the Girl had a wonderful idea: she would host an arts and crafts class for her brother. Called “Marvelous Mamas” (with the catchy line, “Mother’s Day coming soon, and you don’t have a gift? We can help!”), it was meant to help him create some wonderful gifts and cards for Mother’s Day, while keeping him occupied so that his parents could get some important work done. While he initially hesitated and grumbled at first, I know that the Boy really did appreciate what his sister had prepared for him.

The Girl's creation in her "Marvellous Mamas" class

So, I signed a “form” allowing my child to go to the “Marvellous Mamas” arts and crafts class with the “teacher”. The class went spendidly, and actually stretched out over two days. My younger child had fun and didn’t gripe about it. My older child did a spectacular and very professional job at organising an enjoyable class. She only wished that she knew more young kids who would take the class.

The results were overwhelmingly beautiful (more photos tomorrow), but the process was ever more so. What a great lead-up to Mother’s Day.


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