#874: Political interest

During a long walk on a blustery day recently, the Girl and I passed the time by having a conversation about politics. She wanted to know about certain strategies and definitions in Canadian politics, as she had heard them discussed. So it was that I explained things like vote-splitting, strategic voting, vote swapping, and majorities and minorities.

And good for her: she listened all the way through, understood, and paraphrased it back to me, seeming genuinely interested. Even the Boy, while not completely immersed in the conversation, didn’t chime in with his “I’m booooooored” (which seems to be the whine-du-jour of late). Then yesterday, the Girl and one of her homeschooled friends had a fun little creative session on the easel in our home, where they came up with some pretty silly nicknames for political figures: “Mad May”, “Jumpin’ Jack”, “Mighty Michael”, and “Bouncin’ Bev”.

It’s nice to see kids show an interest at a young age, and get some sense of how our political system works (or in some cases, doesn’t work).


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