#876: My daily pick-me-up newsletter

I don’t sign up for many newsletters, but there is one that I really look forward to, and which perks me up absolutely every time. Sure, it’s pretty narrow in its scope, but it serves its sole purpose—to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Girl hugs cat at evacuation centre in Japan

It’s the CCPD—the Cute Cat Pic of the Day. It’s put together by the Girl, and delivered sporadically (whenever she remembers, or gets her homework done, or is on a roll, or is feeling especially cat-loving on a particular day) to the Inboxes of family and friends. It’s wonderfully squeeee, sometimes funny, and sometimes heartstring-tugging.

It shows that she’s wonderfully obsessive and single-minded about her interests, and devotes a big effort to researching and seeking out the things that she loves. And at times, from photos like that seen at left, it also shows that she’s aware of current events, and how kitties fit into the big picture.



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