Today’s sing-out-loud song: “Here I Go Again”

C’mon, you know you do it: Who among us, of a certain vintage, won’t admit that we don’t rock out from time to time to the tune of a good ol’ 80s hair band? Whitesnake, Scorpion, Poison, Cinderella, Asia, Europe, Warrant—didn’t they all eventually blend into the same easy-to-digest-rock blur, but with different names? You gotta love these bands, who could always be counted on for their big look (with hair as impressive as their women’s), their cheesy videos (feminists, don’t watch), their songs which were just rocker enough to bother our parents (but not enough to worry them), and the occasional “power ballad” that slowed things down at the school dance (but still meant business).

So this came on the radio last night on the drive home, and the two adults in the car looked at each other and said, “Oooh, yeah”, to the confusion of the under-10 set. So Here I Go Again, and here you go again, singing while looking over your shoulder to make sure that no one’s watching.

Confess: At first glance, you really couldn't quite identify which band this is hidden under all that hair, right?



Omg, in doing my small bit of research, I just discovered that they’re still rockin’! I’m almost afraid to further explore their web site, to see what their new hits are like.


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