We made it!: The decorated drinking bottle

Okay, this project isn’t so much a “We made it!” project as it is “We embellished it!”.

In our household, we’ve lost two kids’ Sigg bottles so far, with the latest being the Boy’s. So I bought him a plain stainless steel bottle as a replacement, figuring no great loss if this went missing.  But it was so plain that I didn’t want him feeling like the odd man out when the rest of us have such lovely bottles, so I suggested this easy project.

We bought some simple vinyl stickers at a dollar store, intended for decorating the cover of laptops, and turned this:

into this: .

The Boy loves the result so much (even wanting me to glue extra rhinestones on to it), and is now so eager to bring his bottle everywhere that I bet he’ll take extra special care not to lose this one.

I liked the project so much that I continued with one of my own travel mugs.

This became this: .

If you try this project, just remember that you’ll have to handwash your creations and never put them in the dishwasher.


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