#881: Making the most of “Mommy and Me” time

As most parents know, when you have more than one child, it’s important every once in a while to spend some time alone with each child individually. In our household, we have “Mommy (or Daddy) and Me” days. These are moments of just a few hours reserved especially for one child with one parent. On these occasions, we get to indulge in some activities and interests that are reserved for just the two of us, and which don’t have to be hidden from, or shared with, anyone else. It can be a place to grab a bite, or a shopping destination, or an activity.

Though they don’t have to last long, these “Mommy and Me” occasions have much significance, and reveal to me wonderful things about my kids:

First, that they’re actually excited to be with Mama (or Papa) on their own. They talk about it in advance, and the Boy at this young age of five, seems especially eager all the time now. I know that there will come a time soon in teenhood when this will no longer be the case, so I take what I can get now.

The Boy, all dressed up for "Mommy and Me" time

Second, though each child loves the individual time and attention that s/he gets, both my kids have shown from an early age how much they also love the moment when they’re reunited with the other sibling and parent. They’re each generous with hugs, enthusiastic welcomes, and also any treats which may have been a part of the special outing.

Third, that they like dressing up and making a big deal of it. Just last night, for example, for our movie date, the Boy picked out his own dress shirt-tie-blazer combination for the occasion. He outshone me, which showed me just how much he cared about the event.

It’s grand, isn’t it, when your kids show that they want to make as much, if not more, of an effort than you do.