#884: The Research Assistant

We—the parents—had been thinking on and off for a while about booking a cruise for the family. We finally came to a decision a couple of weeks ago to go for it. When we told the kids about our decision and mentioned that we were considering such-and-such a cruise line, the Girl replied rather matter-of-factly, seated at her station in front of her laptop, “Oh, I know all about cruises. I’ve been researching on my own for a few months now.” Then last night, she sent me a link, stating that she wanted to try the chocolate lava cake on the menu, because apparently, “At least 80% of the reviews for our cruise ship featured how good the cake was.”

She researches independently? She reads reviews? For people like us who research every single little detail of every major trip that we take, this is a real little time-saver, in the form of a nine-year-old. I’m thinking that we could just sit back and relax for the next few weeks, give her our credit card, and she could probably book for us a great beachside hotel for our two pre-cruise nights, plus a couple of shore excursions as well. This is the way every vacation should begin.