We made it! project: Laundry bag out of fabric strips

My mind seems to be taken up with all things to do with laundry this past week.

The old saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Well, I’d been wanting to make this for a long time, but have been putting it off. We haven’t used an unwieldy laundry basket for years; good heavy-duty laundry bags are just easier to carry from one room to another, and in a pinch, you can throw it down a flight of stairs in a fit of frustration, without any damage to anything. We’ve been very happy with a sturdy garden/leaf bag that I’d found in a hardware store a few years ago. Unfortunately, we only have one that is the right size (the other ones, twice as large, serve as giant receptacles for the kids’ outdoor toys and various stored items in the basement), so we’ve just been emptying it and using it for several loads at a time, which is a pain. So, inspired by this very purple person project and using the current laundry bag as a template, I set out to use some scraps from my ginormous stash of fabric. From my stash, I chose fabrics in a green colour theme, and for the handles, I used funky pink cotton webbing from a leftover project.

The problem with me when it comes to personal projects, however, is that I’m lazy and like to cut corners. Measure twice, cut once? Pshaw! Interfacing? Who needs it? So this project, which in my estimation should have taken about an hour, actually spanned about three days, in-between various other domestic and everyday tasks, and yes, a trip to the fabric store to actually buy, sigh, interfacing.

But it’s done now, and is serving its purpose well; it holds a lot of clean, unfolded laundry for many weeks days at a time. It even holds one medium-sized kid for slippery rides on the hardwood floor.

Sure, I could have bought some cheap-o bag like the Frakta from IKEA, and it might have served the same purpose for a while before ripping apart. But that wouldn’t have been any fun, and the kids wouldn’t have had a chance to look at and feel all the nice fabrics and reminisce with me. Anyway, maybe this project will get me back to some sort of semi-regular sewing schedule so that the cobbler’s children can again be shod.