#888: A really wacky sense of humour

I’ve mentioned before how much I love a child’s developing sense of humour. From the first joke that’s funny purely because it doesn’t make sense, to the first joke that does, to an understanding of puns, kids have a way of being really funny in sometimes unexpected ways. Then one day, that humour takes an unexpected turn for the wacky. And that’s when it gets really good.



Take, for example, this little exchange from yesterday (warning: since we’re dealing with that lovely age of five, there is a potty discussion ahead):

The Boy: Mama? What would make poop pink?

Me: Oh, if you eat something red, like beets, for example. Or something pink.

The Boy: Pink? I ate a princess?


That was all there was to it, and yet, that one quick line made three people burst out laughing (not to mention how much it pleased the joke-teller himself). I don’t recall exactly when my kid’s sense of humour took a turn for the absurd, but I’m glad it did.