#889: The 25-cent t-shirt—taking only what she needs

To continue the tale of the 25-cent t-shirt:

The Girl told me something else that day, which made me proud of her for a reason other than her frugal and funky fashion sense. She had said to me, “When I paid for the t-shirt, the seller said I could pick anything else from the table for free. But I didn’t, because I didn’t need anything else. I didn’t want to just take something because it was free.”

As a young consumer, she has already taught herself a great lesson. How many people do we know who would randomly pick something, simply because it was offered, and because it was there? But the Girl has already picked up from a young age that you don’t always need to take something; sometimes you can simply be happy with what you have, what you need, and you can walk away with only the shirt on your back.