#890: The 25-cent t-shirt–seeing the potential

Every year at the beginning of the summer, we have a huge neighbourhood-wide yard sale. I’d say over 100 homes in our neighbourhood participate, and most years when we’re not selling, we have the best time walking around and seeing all the stuff that people have tired of, over the years, but which may still have use to someone else. One of those items which found a very good home with a nine-year-old girl, was a simple 25-cent t-shirt.

On that afternoon, the Girl had come back to the house, clutching her wallet and a few newfound treasures. She proudly showed me a men’s gray muscle shirt, which featured a funky print on the front.

“What are you going to do with an extra-large men’s t-shirt?” I had asked her.

“I liked it because it has that nice print. I’m going to sew it down the sides to make it smaller, and then tie it with one of my satin sashes above the print, to make a belted dress,” she explained happily to me. I was so proud that she was learning quickly how to make new treasures out of old ones, and that her fashion-conscious self could see potential in someone else’s castaways.

So with a little help from me, she now has a new wardrobe hit. Paired with legwarmers, it makes a pretty smashing fashion statement, if I do say so myself.

* Note: This is a great and very simple sewing project for girls, by the way. The Girl has done this with many t-shirts–funky men’s and ruffly women’s–in the past, and always manages to look very cool.