A round-up of my fave DIY/crafty parent blogs

The kids and I have always been crafty. And we’ve always been the type of family that looks at something and says, “We can make that ourselves!” With a new year upon us, I have the idea of doing more ambitious craft projects with them this year. The kids are capable of  more complicated tasks now, and even the little one can handle the glue gun, drill, sewing machine, and various cutting tools without injuring himself.

With this in mind, I recently embarked on a search for blogs by crafty parents, for inspiration. I started off my journey with designmom.com, and linked on from there. After spending several hours combing through dozens, I can say that the following are some of the most inspiring ones I found. So with new inspiration and a desire to have the kids get more involved as participants than as observers, I hope to post details and photos from more of our projects this year.

With a few days of the worst cold/flu symptoms behind us, we are now stronger and ready to tackle the glue gun* with vigour!


My favourite crafts/DIY blogs (so far):

Not a crafty parent blog, but my favourite DIY site of all time: www.instructables.com

Listed as one of Time‘s best blogs of 2010: http://www.designmom.com/

A nice variety of needlecraft projects and the occasional recipe, with lovely photos: http://tinyhappy.typepad.com/tiny_happy/

Fun and funky sewing (and knitting) projects, with the bonus of giving us a glimpse of life in Tokyo: http://verypurpleperson.com/

What can I say? I love paper products: http://the-stationery-place.blogspot.com/


* Of course, we don’t use the glue gun for every project, but I get a giggle over it because I remember the first time the Beloved Husband commented on it with a bit of fear. I had been fixing or making something, and as anyone who has had to wait for a glue gun to warm up knows, you don’t just let that thing cool down when there’s a world of potential projects around you. As I looked around saying casually, “Now, what else can I glue?”, I could hear him mumbling, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman with a glue gun.”