#894: Into my life came a little laughter (A letter to my son, on his 5th birthday)

To my dear son,

One day, when you’re reading my blog regularly, you’ll know how special you are to me and how much I value this day. On a snowy, stormy day five years ago, a very special little guy came into my life. I couldn’t have imagined then how wonderfully altered my life would become.

My typically happy baby boy

In the past five years, I’ve watched you go through many phases, moods, and significant moments. You’ve changed very much in five years, especially in the last year, when you’ve seemed to experience a huge jump in maturity and left behind (for the most part) the sometimes impatient, sometimes angry little toddler/pre-schooler. But one thing that I’ve always noticed staying constant about you is your intensity of emotion. Yes, that intensity is sometimes seen as frustration and anger, but most memorable is the intensity of your joy. From the moment when you expressed your first, full, hearty laugh—the kind that comes from deep within, that expresses an unbound contentment, that makes other people feel warm and happy themselves—I knew that you would be the type of person who would intensely savour life. You’re the happiest baby I’ve known—not just content, but genuinely happy. You know how to enjoy yourself, and how to seek out humour. You love to hear a good joke (even if you don’t always understand it), and love to make a good joke yourself. It’s almost as if you understand that one of your key roles in life is to make others happy.

Even though I’m proud of all your little accomplishments and achievements and developments of the past five years, I’m most proud and grateful of one thing: that you are such a joyful, loveable, laughing little person.

Happy birthday, my baby.