#896: My little coupon-clipper

You know what’s great about shopping with a child who’s looking to add to her supplies so that she can continue her fundraising business? Shopping with a child who’s conscious about money, in the process.

Every couple of weeks, Michaels craft store comes out with great coupons, either for 20% off the entire purchase or a humongous 40% off a single item, and the Girl knows that that’s the best time to stock up on her supplies. So she patiently sits and clips her coupons, knowing that it’s worth a bit of effort to save a bit of money. Even more patiently, she asks if it would be all right to drive to Michaels some time this week to use the coupon before it expires.

I like knowing that I’ve raised a little person who knows how to spend money wisely, in order to make money wisely.