#897: Punny little man, Part 1

We’ve always thought that the Girl was the strong one in wordplays and puns and understanding of language, and the Boy’s strength more in maths. But he has been surprising us recently.


Yesterday, for example, he came up with what the Beloved Husband and I both agree is his best joke to date:

The Boy: Wanna hear a little joke I just made up?

Us: Sure!

The Boy: I’m Afghanistan. My friend is full-ghanistan.



(His joke reminded me of this National Geographic photo at right, of the Afghan Girl. In a recent discussion with a friend about some of the world’s most well-known photos, this is the one, in my opinion.)


Okay, so the joke may not seem like much to most people, but it is a far cry from his first attempts at making up a joke, which only a mother could laugh at. This was a really good effort in having some pun in an otherwise dull day.