Why I love eBay—Part 1

As a friend said to me recently, and oh how true it is: The beauty of global on-line shopping venues like eBay is that they help us fulfill or correct some childhood wants, desires, or injustices. Now that we’re at successful stages of our life and have money, we can search and buy the things that we always wanted but couldn’t have when younger, whether we couldn’t afford them or weren’t allowed to have them.

One of the first things that I really cherished finding on eBay were these Tretorn sneakers. These simple tennis shoes were one of only two things that a lot of the other girls in high school had, which I coveted but couldn’t afford at the time (see below for the second thing I wanted). So in my mid-20s, I started searching on-line auction houses and stores, and since then, I’ve been able to find and purchase only three pairs in my size. I’ve cherished them over the years so much that the last of them have officially died this summer. Trying to wring the last wear out of my last pair while gardening this week is what reminded me to post about why I love eBay.

Though I’ll keep on looking, I doubt that I will find anymore of these Tretorn in the colourful plaid design, in my size. But I loved the short time that we shared together, and will always have eBay to thank for that.

(The only other things I really, really wanted from my high school days but never had, were bags from the Kettle Creek Canvas Company. But the company went bankrupt in 1991, and years of scouring eBay have proved fruitless, so I will chalk that one down as a lost cause.)