#904: Raking in the benefits

At about this time of the year, after Thanksgiving when the weather becomes a bit chillier, some gardeners are eager and some get a bit lazy. I tend to be more the latter. If I haven’t put the garden to bed and done all my post-summer outdoor chores, I dread having to set foot into the garden. Luckily, in our family we have two little helpers whose eagerness and energy never seem to fade.

Raking, in previous years, just seemed more fun.

I’ve mentioned before that both kids seem to love to help in the garden, identifying flowers and weeding (even if one of them sometimes does make mistakes). Now in the fall, they love to rake leaves, like most kids. But even if they don’t make a big enough pile to jump into, they still obviously enjoy being outside, being with each other, and knowing that it was a job well done. What I like most is not having to ask them; they automatically beg to be allowed out in the front garden by themselves. So it was today, just like last week, that they put on their fall sweaters, hats, and gloves by themselves, and plodded out to accomplish their task. They never complained about the wind on their faces (like I would), nor about the chore which seems endless one week to the next (like I would).

So I sit inside my warm dining room and glance out the window, appreciating my two helpful gardeners, and feeling very thankful indeed.