Sugaring off: Day 30!!!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I’m shivering with excitement.

Come midnight, I will be welcomed back into civilization, the yummy world of sweets. Since it will be midnight, I won’t indulge too much until tomorrow. But I have been making and amending a list of my ideal “welcome back” sweets, and after crossing off a few (because I think I was being unrealistically gluttonous), here’s what I’ve come up with, to integrate into my menu for the next few days. In no particular order:

> cream horns
> mille-feuillles
> chocolate meringue cookies
> oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
> French chocolate chip cookies
> taro cake
> crème brûlée
> creamy tapioca/rice pudding
> strawberry cupcakes (that were denied to me, in week one)
> Bailey’s Irish cream chocolate cheesecake (which was known once for making all the men at a dinner party go ga-ga, and I believe, made them want to declare undying loyalty to me forever)

> okay, and maybe some gummy Coke bottles and chocolate candies

Let’s see what midnight brings . . .

Oh yeah: The prize for the bet would have been a dinner out anywhere I wanted. Originally, I was thinking of making the Beloved Husband drive us over the border to an IHOP; nothing says overindulgence in sweets like strawberry-cheesecake pancakes for dessert. But I’ve crossed that off my list and am thinking that I’ll keep it simple and low-key. Or maybe I could ask for a really nice, expensive, sparkly Christmas present this year . . .