Sugaring off: Day 29

It’s my second-last day of fasting from candies, sweets, and baked goods. And if I have to replace them with something today, there’s nothing I’d prefer than a Honeycrisp apple. This hard-to-find variety is my absolute favourite, and it really lives up to its name: really crispy (even after a few weeks in the house) and with the right amount of sweetness, and a hint of tang. We discovered this variety at our local U-pick farm only a couple of years ago, and unfortunately, it seems to be available at this time of year only, so hard to find in stores year-round. Since we don’t have a cold cellar, we stock up and stuff ourselves with as much Honeycrisp as we can in the space of a few weeks.

I mention the Honeycrisp apple today for two reasons:

1) At this time of year, if you live near a farm and have a chance to go out and pick your own apples, do. There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful early-fall day with a couple of kids who love apples (for picking and eating).

2) It may appear from my past few Sugaring Off posts that I have a history with only candies and pastries. The truth is, I have a longer history with fruits. I remember when my father used to come home from the farmer’s market with 30-lb. bags that were almost as tall as 10-year-old me, full of Russet or McIntosh apples. We were always encouraged to dip our hands into the bag and help ourselves to as many apples as we wanted. (To this day, I can eat up to six apples in one sitting.) Then there was the one time when the grocery stores had their unforgettable banana war, and the price dropped to—I kid you not—one cent per pound. I think that every kid in town must have eaten bananas plain, banana muffins, banana bread, fried bananas until we were yellow.

The point is, I don’t think there’s a fruit I’ve met that I don’t like (okay, one exception: dragonfruit). So yes, I do indulge in sweets, but most of the time, they’re of the “natural” kind. I think that I can be a little easier on myself when trying to self-analyse my love of sweets. I do love my fruits, but a person does need a little sweetness in the form of a baked good or a piece of confectionery, from time to time. I guess by craving sweet foods more than salty ones, it doesn’t make me a bad person. Rather, it makes me kind of . . . sweet!