Sugaring off: Day 28

Since mentioning the Tim Horton’s bowtie and thinking of Halifax this week, I’ve been having memories of yummy pastries from my teenaged days. What really stands out in my mind besides the less-sophisticated bowties were the wonderful cream horns from a French pastry shop on Quinpool Road (my first taste of good French pastries other than from a grocery store bakery), and the white chocolate mousse cheesecake from, I believe, the now-defunct Silver Spoon. Dee-lish.

I’ve been thinking of delectable pastries because I’m preparing my list of things that I will want to eat on my big day back to sugarland. However, it has been suggested to me by the Beloved Husband that I should concentrate on the “good” sweets like fine pastries and desserts, and stay away from the “junkie” sweets, like cheap chocolate bars and sugary candies. I believe he might even have mentioned that he has in mind for me his own list of appropriate sweets. A fine and noble suggestion, but I do feel that after 30 days of deprivation, I should have the right to stuff my face with any kind of junk for just one day.

I mean, I certainly won’t look a gift cream horn or mousse cake in the mouth, but it would be nice to throw in a handful of gummy Coke bottles too.