Sugaring off: Day 27

I think that I’ve been miscounting the days, because as I near D-Day, I realise that I’m closer to the Day 30 mark than I had thought. So today is Day 27, and the end looms. Come midnight, Monday, September 27th, I will be as free as a bird to sweeten myself up as much as I want.

Even though I’m making plans for the Big Day’s menu, I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. I’ve reached a strange state of calm. (Or maybe it’s just the calm before the storm?) From time to time in the past few days, I have glimpsed something in a bakery display, or read a recipe, and got a brief craving for it. But not an intense craving.

Last night, for example, I started thinking (not for the first time) about a pastry that Tim Horton’s used to carry, called the bowtie. I think that they’ve been discontinued because I haven’t seen one in years and years at any TH. God, I used to love the bowtie in my teens, probably having one about once a week. What was great was that it wasn’t tremendously sweet, unlike the doughnuts. A bowtie is essentially a bread-y pastry with chocolate icing, whipped cream on top, and a bit of coloured or chocolate sprinkles, topped off with a wholly unnecessary but attractive-looking cherry. (Their chocolate eclair was without the sprinkles and cherry, though certainly not as tasty as a “real” bakery’s chocolate eclair.) I’ve wondered often if the bowtie was a Maritime Tim Horton’s specialty, because I’ve never seen them in other provinces.

Anyhoo, between now and Monday night, I’ll be slowly writing down my Wish List. If I had had more time, I was saying to the family, I would have loved to organise a sweets potluck party. But just as well that I don’t. It won’t be a pretty sight, to have people surrounding me as I stuff my face and pass out from a sugar overdose.