#913: Practicality over vanity?

The Boy got a haircut again this week, and again, refused to let go of the idea of his, ahem, mullet. Of course, what’s a parent to do—as our hairdresser said, it’s only hair, and better that our kids experiment with that, if it’s only going to be that. So the front got a neat trim, and the back, as per the Boy’s instructions, was not to be shortened.

Now, the Boy told me something interesting about his mullet this summer. When I asked him, for probably the 10th time, why he wanted to grow one, he replied in a way that I wouldn’t have expected: “In the summer, I need hair to protect the back of my neck from the sun.” Huh. Who’d have thought that practicality would trump vanity, in a four-year-old’s mind? I guess I should be proud, then, of his way of thinking: he’s being very sensible, and mindful only of self-preservation. Yeah, that’s the way I’ll look at it.

The question posed to him now is, with the blazing hot summer sun at rest for the season, why is he still holding on to his mullet? No answer yet, but I’m sure that he’ll come up with a good excuse soon.