Sugaring off: Day 22

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Candy Addict web site over the past couple of days. Just reading reviews of candy helps take my mind off the idea of actually eating them (as odd as that may sound). Imagine—there are people who receive free samples from candy manufacturers, to review. What a great hobby! I’m thinking that they need a Canadian correspondent . . .

Although I’m still craving sweets in the form of pastries and baked goods, I’m actually getting a little less obsessed over the idea of eating candy; I’ve become almost a detached observer. The Girl decided out of the blue yesterday to e-mail me links to the Wikipedia pages of Skittles and M&Ms, which lists all of these candies’ flavours, ever known to humankind. The pre-Sugaring-Off me would have made it my mission to hunt down every one of these flavours and try them at some point in my lifetime. The current me read them with an uninterested eye and a “Meh.”

Now, I still haven’t decided yet if my Girl did this out of kindness or cruelty. And I’ve noticed that the Boy has taken his taunting up a notch: At Sunday’s dinner, he told  me to watch him licking off his fork every last bit of his Boston cream pie. (I’m guessing that it was Boston cream pie, but of course, was not allowed the opportunity to verify this.) A cynic, of course, might be inclined to think that the Beloved Husband is putting the kids up to it, in the waning days of the bet, to help me lose. But they couldn’t be this cruel . . . would they?