#916: Birthday writings

It’s a wonderful moment the first time you realise that your child has created something truly well-written, grown-up, and—what’s even more special—made just for you.

The first significant piece of writing that the Girl created was a one-act, two-character play, presented to me as a birthday present when she was four years old. Entitled “The Days of Cats Go By”, it was a humourous little piece about two cats in love, but who argue over their upcoming nuptials. It was so wonderfully written that I feel bad remembering that I actually got into a mini-argument with the Beloved Husband at the time, accusing him of writing most (or all) of it, and attempting to pass it off as our young daughter’s creation.

Today, I got another piece of creative writing as a birthday present: a lovely poem that she had written last week, and taken special care to hide from me, so that she could give it to me on my special day. She even took time to import just the right graphic, and was so proud when she told me, “I worked on it in CorelDraw all by myself.”

The homemade hand cream and journal secretly purchased with her own money were pretty great gifts too. But of course, to someone like me, it’s the writing that counts. I hope to always receive a piece of writing on my birthday for as long as she cares to think of me as someone special enough to deserve it.