Sugaring off: Day 16

I'm embarrassed to say that I've tasted every one of these candy bars, except two.

I’m more than halfway through, and in the past few days, have realised just how absolutely we are inundated with sugary temptations in our daily shopping. Of course, I’m sure that we’ve all seen the options for impulse-buying at the check-out counter. They’re all the same, whether they’re from mom-and-pop convenience stores or large chains: about 90% of these offerings are sugary treats. Chocolate bars. Gummy candies. Fudge. Lollipops. Cookies and snack cakes. New “bite-sized” versions of all of the above. Coolers offering more pop than juice or milk.

I guess I never really took a close look at how easily accessible these snacks are to us all. I mean, I was never the type to automatically reach out and buy junk food at the check-out counter, but I could have. The idea that anybody (including kids, at whose eye-level so much of this is targetted) with as little as $1.50 in their pocket could easily fill up on a small packet of sugar and fat, is scary. So okay, I get it now: With last week’s report that almost 75% of Ontarians are overweight or obese, we have to realise that a huge factor contributing to this has to be the easy availability of the cheap, quick, sugary pick-me-up ready at our fingertips at the end of every shopping trip.

The good news is, I was only artificially tempted by all of those snacks at check-out this week. I didn’t feel a hunger for them like I would have, two weeks ago. I mean, I know that I will still from time to time be tempted in the future by a candy bar at the counter, but I’m seeing it all with a more watchful eye now.