#917: Such a helpful Big Sister

I’ve mentioned before how pleasant the Girl always is to her little brother: she lets him win at games that they play together; she doesn’t get angry—and even offers to comfort him—after he punches her; she prepares school lessons for him and helps him with it; etc.. We noticed recently that she’s always eager to help him with little things that his small body can’t do or can’t comprehend.

Tonight, for example, he was acting fussy and wanted to go to bed with Mama and Papa. He pulled every reason or excuse out of the book, and where there was an obstacle, his sister helped him overcome it. He said that he would be interested in watching the movie with us, which we assured him would bore him (For Your Consideration), but we nevertheless allowed the two of them to linger in the room with us. Then he said that he wanted to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor by our bed, but he couldn’t reach it from the top shelf of his closet. She quickly and eagerly offered to go get it for him and set him up in it. Then he needed a stepstool to reach the sink. Next thing we knew, she had pulled one out for him. Later, he claimed that he was feeling sick and felt like he wanted to vomit. And we could hear her in their bathroom, attempting to engage him in small talk so that he would take his mind off the idea of vomiting. I have to admit, she jumps in to assist him faster than the parents do.

Helping little brother put on sunscreen

I don’t know exactly what has forged this very special sense of love and helpfulness that the Girl feels for her brother, but I have a feeling that she is like that with most other children (more on that later). Whatever it is, I hope that it will be a long time before it fades (if at all).