#919: Providing Company for the Miserable

By day six/seven of the great Sugaring Off, I was starting to feel a lot more at ease with my decision to eliminate sweets for a month. I wasn’t having any of that feeling of general weakness and irritability of the first few days. I wasn’t so angry at the cause of my misery (the Beloved Husband) anymore. I even knocked 13 seconds off a one-kilometre jog on the treadmill, so maybe the absence of sugar in my system was doing me good after all.

But best of all, day six brought about another pretty nice development: the kids lending some support and comfort during this time of misery. They did it in their own ways, but they were both little darlings about it.

The Boy, for example, took it upon himself to be my personal “sugar bodyguard”, if you will. I’d have a bite of cereal or yogourt, and his big brown eyes would open even wider as he gasped in a semi-whisper (lest the big bad guard was listening): “Mama! Sugar!” I’d have to reassure him, “It’s okay. It’s a good cereal/yogourt. It’s not very sweet, and I didn’t add anything sweet to it.” You’d think by his reaction that I had just wolfed down a handful of Froot Loops dipped in a Yogourt Tube (two overly-sweet items which are not allowed in our house). But I loved him for his vigilance.

As for the Girl, she decided that she was going to be my personal chef. On day six, she borrowed several kids’ cookbooks from the library, and pored over them before supper. Then she waited eagerly for the end of the meal, asking, “Is it okay to make dessert? Now can I make dessert? Are you ready for dessert?” I kept reminding her that I hadn’t eaten dessert in many days, and probably wouldn’t be allowed to. “Oh, it’ll be okay,” she assured me. Sure enough, she whipped up an absolutely lovely yogourt parfait for each of us, layering sliced bananas, lemony yogourt, granola, and topped with grapes. It was so absolutely delightful, I would have gladly eaten four portions, but that would have defeated the purpose of a healthy dessert.

In my time of misery, even if the kids aren’t joining me in my sugar-free journey, it’s so endearing to see that they appreciate my suffering, and are trying to support me and keep a watchful eye on me.